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The next field trip is Friday, November 10th, when we will go to JHS that morning to watch Beauty and the Beast.  Tickets are on sale now for the three public performances that evening and the following Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  Please contact the school for more information on tickets.  870-933-5830


Students who have received NO office referrals from August 14 to October 12 are eligible to attend the 1st 9 weeks PBIS Field Trip to Craighead Forest Park on Oct. 31.  Parents who would like to join their students may meet us at Craighead Park but may NOT ride on the bus with students at any time.  All students must go to the park on the bus, and all students   return to school on the bus.  This is district policy and for everyone’s safety.  If you would like to check your child out after the Field Trip, they must still ride on the bus back to the school, and you may meet us at the school to officially check out your child.  Thank you for understanding and for your compliance with all policies regarding Field Trips.

Feel free to call or text me for directions to our specific location at the park!

Ashley Hill