Behavior / Consequences

Our entire school uses the ARTS to set behavior expectations:

A – Always make good choices.

R – Respect yourself and others.

T – Take pride in yourself and school.

S – Set a good example!

Our class extends those expectations; we have come up with 8 rules to live by in our room.  They are:

  1. Be kind all the time.
  2. Keep our classroom “home” clean.
  3. Accept responsibility for your actions, and ask permission first!
  4. ALWAYS tell the truth.
  5. Stay calm and quiet.
  6. Listen when the speaker is talking.
  7. Keep your body and your things to yourself; leave other alone.
  8. Work hard, and do your best; Mrs. Hill will do the rest!


  1. Verbal warning
  2. Lose Dojo point(s)
  3. Lose all or part of recess
  4. Get a minor write-up (more than 3 in a nine weeks = MAJOR office referral)